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Sparks: Session 2, Week 2

On our Mastermind Monday, Sparks discussed what the word brazen means and if they feel brazen or not and why. Sparks discovered our new “focused sensory play” area on Monday and were very excited to use the new “focused play trays.”

For our Team Building Tuesdays, Sparks talked about being stranded on an island with all their fears and how they would handle it. Sparks were also presented with their “Points boards” and have been receiving points for every time in Core that they stay focused. Every day we have sparks earning points on their own board, we get to fill in the Evil Octopus as a sign that they are defeating their distractions and winning the focus battle.

For Worldwide Wednesday, Sparks watched a short video on cooking and reading recipes and discussed other reasons why they either learned how to read or want to learn how to read. Sparks enjoyed most of their outdoor free time at the park together with Discovery and Journey.

During our Hero’s Journey Thursdays, we still focused on fire but this time we focused on harvesting power to create energy and the different types of energy there are. Sparks discussed if the president came and put them in charge of the town how they would supply electricity to the residents of the town. Sparks also spoke about different ways they raise their internal fire when they are feeling tired or sad.

For Fly High Friday, Sparks got to sing together about making the day a good day no matter what! Sparks got up and danced and sang together for the morning launch. Sparks powered through core and many focused on practicing their talent show routine.

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