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Sparks: Session 2, Week 3

The highlight of this week was the field trip on Wednesday to the Closter nature center. The learners met Mark, the forest ranger, and learned what plants, animals and birds do in the winter. Although it was a sunny freezing day, the learners had a wonderful experience and came back to the Studio extremely happy!!

The learners were very busy this week on their learning, concentrating in math, language, writing, and other materials spread out in the studio, taking lots of responsibility in their own learning. Between counting the bead chains, the addition with the beads/golden bead materials, reading and writing they had so much work happening!

Books we’ve read this week:

  • Tolerance

  • My Rainbow

  • Understand and care

  • Just in case you want to fly

  • Be polite and kind

Questions to ask your learners this week:

  • What did you do this week that made you a tolerant person?

  • Is there really a difference between a boy and a girl? Can boys have long hair and girls have short hair?

  • What were the names of some of the trees/plants/animals that you learned about and which was the bird that you saw almost to the end of the field trip?

  • What kind of understanding and care do you do every day in the Studio? Did you also notice this among your friends?

  • What is the difference between being polite and being kind?

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