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Sparks: Session 2, Week 3

Another busy week in the Sparks studio. The learners focus on their work, but we often see them working next to a friend or in groups, helping one another progress.

During quest time this week, we continued our nature quest by going on a rock hunt in the woods. We then decorated the rocks and placed them outside to color our school.

The learners are working hard practicing for the AABC’s talent show at the end of the session. As a tribe, we will be singing two songs and some of the Sparks teamed up to share their talent.

During DEAR time, our Journey learners came to read to the younger learners. The learners from both studios are having a wonderful time together, bonding over their love for books.

The learners are taking more and more ownership of their studio, and we especially see that during Town Hall: The learners are bringing serious problems in the studio, such as how to handle free play outside with the crates.

During morning launches, we focused on the monster of resistance. We talked about different scenarios that could help learners overcome resistance. We have also been working on affirmations: The learners sat in their squads and shared affirmations. For Kind Word Wednesday, we talked about ways we could share kindness with the tribe. The learners agreed they wanted to show more kindness during outdoor free time. On Thursday, we watched a clip of Moana and had a great discussion about overcoming failure.

The learners have enjoyed coming up with new fun facts every week for Fun Facts Friday. The purpose behind Fun fact Friday is for the learners to grow their curiosity in many areas. A fun fact: did you know that a fox uses its tail to communicate with other foxes?

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