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Sparks: Session 2, Week 3

We began our Monday talking about things we love and how we know that we love someone or something. Sparks discussed how a world full of endless love would look to them.

Our Team Building Tuesday began with a launch about our stinky, dirty, and super distracting Octopus! Sparks talked about different ways to beat distractions and how staying focused and engaged can help us go into “the world beyond” and tap into powers we didn’t even know we have.

For Worldwide Wednesday Sparks got to take on a challenge that the super distracting Octopus challenged the Sparks with. The challenge was, for learners who haven’t made it onto our points board for core, to focus on either reading, writing, or math for at least 30 minutes. After 30 minutes of focus, a Spark would earn a point on their board. At the end of core, some of the Sparks who never made it onto the board finally made it onto the board and were able to beat the Octopus of distraction and keep him away from the studio for another day.

On our Hero’s Journey,real-time Thursday Sparks discussed ways in which they can grow their inner fire to blast through any challenge; tame their inner fire so that it can be warm and inviting in order to help others. Sparks enjoyed their outside free time with Discovery and Journey in the woods.

We had an amazing Fly High Friday launch and sparks got to create a song together. They chose to create a song about slime. Sparks were so happy to dance and sing to a song they created in real time. We hope that the rest of the Sparks get better soon and we all hope to see everyone back in the studio next week.

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