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Sparks: Session 2, Week 4

Sparks began their week with a Mastermind Monday morning launch with an intentional Spark song were all Sparks came together to learn how to sing a song together. The song Sparks chose was “I Got A Feeling.”

Sparks had a special Team Building Tuesday and discussed what intentions are and what kind of intentions or “kind words” would you want to tell their future self. After core and outdoor free time, Sparks came together as a tribe and cut vegetables, squeezed lemons, poured broth and threw salt altogether, and made an amazing soup for themselves and their Grand Feast!

Wednesday was AABC’s Holiday Feast, set upwhere by the learner council. Sparks chose different stations to be a part of and even sang karaoke. Sparks also did their part as a member of the community and helped clean up the wooded park next door to our school. We hope you all enjoy the short break! See you soon!

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