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Sparks: Session 2, week 5

This week we’ve welcomed Yahli and Sheli to our Spark studio. Wishing you both and the Vahaba family a wonderful experience at Acton Academy! We even welcomed Mariam our a Guide in the Sparks Studio, thank you for being a part of our team, Mariam.

New materials were introduced in the Studio - preliminary to advanced sewing materials, art materials - both of which fall under the Practical Life badges as these are all practical life skills the learners will need for their future life. "The education of even a small child, therefore, does not aim at preparing him for school, but for life." ~ Dr. Maria Montessori

Even with all these big changes in the lives of the learners, they all came together as a community and embraced the new learners as their friends and encouraged them to be part of the community. It reminds me of this quote "There is a great sense of community within the Montessori classroom, where children of differing ages work together in an atmosphere of cooperation rather than competitiveness. There is respect for the environment and for the individuals within it, which comes through experience of freedom within the community." ~ Maria Montessori

Books read:

  • The Thank you Book

  • Thank you Omu

  • Thank you Mr. Falker

  • Give Thank you a try

  • Bear Says Thank you

  • The Alphabets Alphabet

  • The Little Engine that could

Questions to ask your learners this week:

  • Should you be thankful for things and people only on thanksgiving?

  • Who was Omu?

  • What were all the letters in the alphabet giving a message about life?

  • What were the different strategies that the little engine worked towards persistence?

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