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Sparks: Session 2, Week 5

The learners returned from the long weekend with many exciting stories to share with their friends.

During our morning launches, we focused on the monster of distraction. We used a scenario of having many chores to do with their babysitter while balancing the fun activities they wanted to do. The learners worked together to plan their goals to help them overcome their distractions. On Teamwork-Tuesday, we have continued to share affirmations to grow motivation as they begin their core skills.

The learners have started using affirmations on their own to help them overcome challenging moments in the studio. We concluded this week with a talk about the heart of helping people in need, and the learners discussed who they believed was responsible for helping those in need.

We have continued our Nature/ Holiday Quest and learned about the different clouds and their functions. We heard the story about Hanukkah and created stars of David to symbolize the first holiday we explored.

At Town Hall, the learners were very excited to agree on bringing toys to the studio. They prepared their arguments and had a fruitful discussion. We see their growing confidence to express their opinions.

The learners are very excited about the talent show at the end of the session, and they have been working hard to prepare. The learners have also practiced giving feedback to those who have practiced in front of the whole tribe.

On our Hero’s Journey, we have entered the phase of meeting mentors. We finished the clip of Moana feeling defeated and how her grandmother helped her through this moment. We will continue to explore the importance of a mentor.

The learners are always eager for the new facts they get to share on Fun Fact Friday. Did you know the African elephants are the biggest land animals?

Important note: We will go outside every day. Please dress the learners accordingly.


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