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Sparks: Session 2, Week 5

For Mindset Monday Sparks talked about their most precious things and how they felt about sharing them. They also discussed how to share their time and talents with other tribe members.

Our Team Building Tuesday launch focused on how to get prepared for a journey. Sparks talked about what important tools they would need when going on a journey. They talked about reasons why to continue on their journey when things get difficult. We focused on this question in regard to Core and what they think they can do when Core becomes difficult.

For our Worldwide Wednesday Sparks “took a trip” on our Magical Invisible Sparks Train to Spongle Town! Sparks were asked to help in the town by the king and queen. Sparks discussed the different ways in which they would help the town learn how to read, write, and do math. Sparks also talked about ways they can help each other stay focused during core.

Hero’s Journey Thursday began with a launch on fire safety. Sparks talked about what to do during a fire at home and at school. Sparks shared what is safe and not safe to do during a fire.

Sparks’ Fly High Friday launch dealt with self-expression through song and dance. Sparks decided to sing the song they learned last week and explored and expressed themselves by singing and dancing to the same song in new ways.

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