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Sparks: Session 2, Week 6

We have started our week with our nature Quest and discovered how snowflakes are created. The learners then made their snowflakes.

We learned about the three kings' day and the tradition in some countries for bringing gifts. The learners discussed the question, Would you rather have one big gift or a bunch of small ones?

The learners flew with their imagination and created their kings using all kinds of materials. Some took the initiative of creating their crowns.

The learners are excited about the upcoming talent show and work hard to prepare. The learners have even encouraged some of the other learners to overcome their fear of performing. They can't wait to show you all they have been working on

The learners are working hard during Sparks Core and progressing every day. The number of learners getting badges has grown tremendously, and the learners are more focused and determined to work hard for their badges.

The word of the week for 'Kind Word Wednesday' was Cordial. During the morning launch, the learners debated whether people are born loving and if love can change the unkindest heart.

On our Hero's Journey, we continued our focus on the importance of a mentor. We watched the moving scene in Lion King when Simba meets Rafiki, and this clip helped the learners understand the value of a mentor. Many learners shared heartfelt stories of how mentors have helped them on their hero's journey.

Fun-fact Friday, did you know that elephants have 40,000 muscles in their trunks?


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