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Sparks: Session 2, Week 7

It is hard to believe that the end of the second session has arrived.

This week the learners spend time preparing for the talent show. They had a lot of time preparing and performing and it was very exciting seeing them concur their fear and perform in front of a full room.

This week Siliane spoke about her name and explained the power of a name. The learners explained why they thought names were a beautiful thing. The learners also talked about how their actions define their name and they explained the different ways they would choose to focus during core.

As we finished the storytelling series the learners heard a story about the most beautiful flower a traveler has ever seen. The story is about the traveler who had to create the most beautiful flower from the ugliest scraps around the world and make it beautiful again.

The learners listened to a read-along “A Campfire Tale”, about a dragon who needed boundaries. They had great conversations about No! means no, and what they do when they feel angry

We’ve continued the week by giving them the an opportunity for the learners to choose their squad for next session. They are being challenged to see who’s the leader of their sections.

The snow was a wonderful surprise for the Sparks. The Sparks enjoyed watching their footsteps in the snow and even built a little snowman!

We ended the week with our campfire song and story time with the story of the rising phoenix who chose to share her feathers with her new jungle friends. The learners celebrated the new discovery learners and encouraged the future learners who want to begin their road to Discovery.

The last day of the session was full of games and activities led by the Sparks learners! They planned circle time, and games, and even organized all the items in the lost and found box!

The learners enjoyed a relaxing afternoon, with a movie.

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