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Sparks: Session 3, Week 1

Greetings parents from Sparks Studio - new year, some new materials and new routine in the new spaces!

More learners came back this week from their vacation and joined their friends. But our studio is not yet in full capacity having that we are still waiting for more learners to return next week.

I would like to share my thoughts with you and echo the progress I see - before we went on a break I looked at the progress and hard work the learners are bringing with them everyday and felt proud in every one of them. It’s been only 3 months but the change is huge. In our mutual Journey Meetings, the learners set their goals for the remainder of the year. This is a powerful experience and we will continue to have these daily and weekly goals throughout the year that will bring each learner closer each day to their goals set during journey meeting.

All the learners wrote a thank you message to Shira for so graciously spending her precious time with the Sparks studio last week. It was really touching to see how they got attached to her, and when I came in on Monday they said they missed her in the Studio. Heartfelt gratitude for everything, Shira! A very special Thank you to the Hertz family for the gift card to the nursery, we can’t wait to get plants in our studios that we have longed for!

This week has been so fulfilling for us to start having the journey meeting with you, reflecting on how the learners have grown from the beginning of the year and setting their own goals for the remainder of the year. We spoke about how the big goals for the year need to be able to happen in small parts and that they will take time to achieve them.

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