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Sparks: Session 3, Week 1

Welcome back to a new session!

We have started the week by sharing and listening to the different activities and experiences the learners had during the holiday break.

During the morning launch, the learners learned about germs and the power of soap and water against them. The learners performed an experience using glitter to better understand that concept.

For the team-building activity, the learners created structures of straws and tape that should be strong enough to hold a book.

DEAR time was enjoyable this week when the older learners in the studio read books to the young ones.

On Kindness Wednesday, we talked about kindness and showing careful thoughts to people around us. The learners enjoyed sharing character callouts with their studio mates.

The learners discussed friends, helpers, and allies on Thursday after watching a short clip from the movie “Toy Story.”

A friend: someone you know and have a good relationship with

An ally: Someone who supports the same mission you have

A helper: Someone who will be available to give you what you need.

The learners enjoyed playing with the crate during outdoor free times creating a beautiful house and fort. Some of the learners chose to play the “Among Us” game, appointing roles and giving a fair opportunity to each one who played.

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