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Sparks: Session 3, Week 2

This week at the Sparks studio was full of goal achievements when many learners got badges! They have been working hard to stay focused and accomplish their goals.

During morning launch this week, the learners meditate by practicing different breathing exercises.

On Team Building Tuesday, we are going through the series of Astro Nova Schools Conundrums. This week, the learners debated which of the three people who found ancient treasure should get the most treasure: the translator, the researcher, or the treasure hunter.

On Kind Word Wednesday we dived into the word charismatic.

On the Hero's Journey Thursday, we continued the discussion about the importance of friends, allies, and helpers along our journey.

Fun Fact Friday, did you know that an avalanche can travel up to the speed of 80mph?

This session's quest is a series of science experiments. This week the learners made Dr. Seuss inspired oobleck. They were also challenged to see how many water drops could fit on a penny before spilling and then discussed water tension.


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