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Sparks: Session 3, Week 2

Sparks traveled to The Great Wall Of China for our Marvelous World Monday! Sparks got to see different parts of The Great Wall; the remodeled parts and the parts of the wall that have been untouched since its creation. Sparks discussed reasons they would visit China and the importance of historical world landmarks.

For our Art Tuesday we took a look at different types of art with different colors and talked about what emotions they felt while looking at the different drawings and paintings. Sparks really enjoyed talking about all the emotions they felt from the art they examined.

During our Science Wednesday, Sparks took a trip up into the universe and learned about the rotations of the Earth, Sun, and Moon. Sparks discovered that even while all the planets are rotating around the Sun, the Sun itself is also constantly moving. Sparks had fun practicing being the Earth, Sun, and Moon and rotating around each other.

Thursday Sparks had a launch about what it means to be a tribe and work together. Sparks also talked about the different ways in which they can work together and how working together doesn’t always look the same.

On Friday, Sparks discussed music and listened to a few, very different, songs and discussed what it made them feel. Sparks talked about how people can experience many different feelings while listening to the same song.

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