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Sparks: Session 3, Week 3

This week we had all the learners back in the studio, when Kalina and Ariel got back from their long vacations.

Our beloved Hetal was absent this week and we welcomed Osnat to the studio, who immediately bonded with all learners and dived right into the studio’s routine. Her present was a huge help in the studio. She will be with us as long as needed.

This week, the learners were divided into work groups based on their levels and progress in the studio and each learner got an individual work plan for the week.

The own work plan focuses each learner on the things he/she needs to work on based on their level and individual progress, in order to master a learning skill. This was a huge success and most of the learners in the studio got at least one badge. Congratulations especially to the learners earning their first badge!

Journal notebooks were introduced, and the learners are spending 10-15 minutes a day, writing freely in their journal while listening to soft music. You can ask your learner what he/she is writing about in their journal.

The week ends with board games and unstructured play which the learners love so much.

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