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Sparks: Session 3, Week 3

We are halfway through the session, and the learners already know the rhythm and the studio flow.

This week during the morning launch, the learners watched another conundrum video. They had to choose who had the rights to its chocolate secret recipe: a) the CEO or b) the Employee.

On Wednesday, the learners talked about the different people they were missing and expressed kind words about them. Some of the people they mentioned were old friends, grandparents, and parents.

On the Hero's Journey Thursday - we had the honor of Michal coming to do a launch in the studio. The learners created their own fairytale stories together. Thank you, Michal! The Sparks enjoyed your launch.

Fun Fact Friday - Did you know that Octopuses have blue blood? And did you notice a hippopotamus can run faster than a man?

For Quest this week, the learners learned about fingerprints and how every fingerprint is unique. The learners put their fingerprint on a balloon and inflated it, looking at their large fingerprint.

For Free Friday, we play two games:

1. Object Improv, the learners teamed up and had to act out the different scenarios given

2. Ship Shore, the learners had to respond to the different commands given to them

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