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Sparks: Session 3, Week 3

This week in Sparks studio was full of excitement!

We celebrated 2 birthday parties! One was Siliane’s, which gave the learners an opportunity to celebrate with her.

In Sparks core, a lot of learners are progressing at the speed of light in their work, with no need for any help from an adult. They love working in their math and writing books, working alone or in groups, and are always happy when a Journey learner is coming to work with them.

The Sparks are so used to solving conflicts between themselves using conflict resolution technics that even when there are multiple guides in the studio, they know how to comfort one another and talk with lots of respect to one another, without even approaching a guide.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe they are only 6 or 7 years old.

During the morning launch this week, the learners discussed their different strengths and weakness and how they could work together. Strength can be focusing or being funny, singing, playing an instrument- everything that we feel we are good at. The learners found many strengths and shared openly what they feel are their weaknesses.

For worldwide Wednesday we explored the different kinds of water bodies: our oceans, glaciers, rivers, and seas….

We continued the week with a discussion about the meaning of being a tribe and being together and ended up the week with a Free Friday full of games together.

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