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Sparks: Session 3, Week 4

This week started like every week, the learners came in with lots of enthusiasm to meet their friends and explore all the learning options.

The individual work plan from last week was replaced with a new one for each learner based on his/her progress the previous week. The beauty with those work plans is that it keeps the learners very focused and while they see their goal, it’s much easier to reach it.

The learners are getting used to asking their group partners for help, Whenever they have questions like: “is this an I or an L box”, or “How do I write such and such”. They are learning to turn to their peers instead of guides, knowing that guides don’t answer questions. Questions like “can I go to the bathroom” or “can I drink water” will always be answered by a guide with a question “what do you think?” and the learners trust themselves more and more to be responsible for themselves and their friends.

The learners worked on a puzzle between their learning work time which was super challenging, however they did an amazing job to finish it all!!!

Everyday the learners look at the board and one of them says the day and date.

By those little things they are learning more and more valuable life skills

Besides learning, which all the learners are putting lots of effort into, it’s beautiful to see the friendships in the studio. The learners care about each other and they are helping one another in many ways. If someone gets a splinter, we’ll see so many learners volunteer to go with the learner to get a bandage. During studio maintenance, if a learner is done with his/her work, they’ll always ask if someone else needs help.

During free time all the learners are playing together, sometimes they are playing an imaginary game when some of them are tigers, others are monkeys, sometimes they are firefighters or fairies, using the building blocks and magnatiles to create their castles and houses. Outdoor free time was extremely special this week when the learners built 2 snowmans! On Friday, due to the extreme cold, outdoor playtime was super special with parachute games, board games and lots of fun games together.

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