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Sparks: Session 3, Week 4

Sparks jump-started their week with a trip to India and got to see the amazing Taj Mahal! Sparks discussed what they liked about this World Wonder. It is a beautifully designed palace that was built in 1648 AD during the reign of Emperor Shah Jahan for his wife; Mumtaz Mahal. Sparks were amazed at how big, white, shiny, and beautiful the palace was despite how old it is.

In Sparks core, the learners are now divided into 3 groups: Sparks in training, Sparks Bubble, and Road to Discovery. Each one of them has its own working schedule and work materials. Sparks are now working in a rhythm of 20:20:20. 20 minutes of math, 20 minuets of writing, and 20 minutes of reading. Our Journey and Discovery learners are joining the Sparks helping them in their learning.

Tuesday Sparks dove into the world of color and discussed different memories they have and what feelings and colors they would associate them with.

On physics Wednesday, the sparks discussed gravity.

Sparks tried to reach the ceiling by jumping up and down but couldn’t. Sparks understood that the “force” isn’t pulling us down, but pulling us towards the center of the earth.

During our Solar System Thursday, Sparks blasted off and landed on the planet of Venus. Sparks watched a short video describing what Venus is actually like compared to earth. Sparks discussed what they would want on their own “perfect” planet.

On Free Friday, Sparks had a challenge to build the tallest structure using toilet paper rolls, straws, pipe-cleaners, and tape. They discussed what was the hardest part: planning the structure, building it, or working as a team.

The happiest part of the week was coloring the final part of the octopus after achieving many goals in Sparks Core! the

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