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Sparks: Session 3, Week 5

The short snowy week was filled with lots of fun. The learners had a blast making many snowmen and also snow women. Interesting enough, why a snow-person will be a snow-man? So our smart learners did them both. The snow was a great adventure when the learners have concurred the snow mountains created next to our studio, thanks to the Closter DPW who made us huge piles of snow. In general, snow by itself creates a great opportunity for the learners to create a new world and play so many roles in it, sailing far away with their imagination.

DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read) became part of the studio, when the learners pick a book and read for 20-30 minutes. Some of them are doing so sitting on the carpet, some laying down putting their head on a pillow. Each one of them is choosing his own favorite spot and position to read.

During learning time, we see the learners turning more and more to their friends, to help them with their work plan and with other learning materials. The students’ driven community is being built in front of our eyes, this is their studio and their learning and they are taking more and more ownership on them both.

This week we didn’t have a badge ceremony because it wasn’t a full week, however it seems that badges are not the drive anymore, but the learning experience and the excitement of exploring on their own.

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