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Sparks: Session 3, Week 5

On Marvelous World Monday, the Sparks Tribe “visited” Machu Picchu and experienced the ancient wonder through an archeologists’ lens. They took time to discuss what they found to be the most beautiful aspect of Machu Picchu. Many learners mentioned the intricate stonework and architecture being especially beautiful.

For Art Tuesday, the Sparks Tribe focused on music and how it affects our emotions and feelings. They explored different genres of music, and how each one can evoke different moods and emotions. The tribe discussed how music can inspire us and bring us joy, as well as provide comfort during difficult times.

On Science Wednesday, the tribe jumped into the topic of gravity and how it affects satellites, moons, and planets. They explored the concept of an “orbit” and how it allows planets to move in a pattern around the sun. The tribe also saw what it means to be in zero gravity and how astronauts maneuver while in space.

On Solar System Thursday, the Sparks “visited” the planet of Saturn. Saturn is known for being one of the most beautiful planets in our solar system, with its colorful rings and unique features. The tribe discussed how beautiful Saturn is and what they believe to be the most beautiful part of themselves. The discussion on Saturn sparked an interest in space and the mysteries that lie beyond our planet.

Celebrating the Sparks achievements concurring the "monster of distraction" and remaining focused throughout the session, the learners went to Patisserie Florentine, in Closter town, for hot chocolate and croissants!

Friday was a Free Friday, and the tribe enjoyed a fun day, taking in all that they had learned throughout the week.

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