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Sparks: Session 3, Week 6

It was great seeing you all at the exhibition this week. The learners were excited to show you everything they’ve been working on during the session, and we hope you enjoyed it.

This week was the last week of meditation Mondays. The learners learned many breathing exercises to help them whenever they felt overwhelmed.

This week’s conundrum video was about who would be the best leader to go to space. This video helped the learners recognize great qualities in a leader who would help them choose squad leaders in the future. We’ve discussed what, in their opinion, is a good leader. The learners were allowed to vote and select their squad leaders for the next session.

For Friday, we did a love rocket to send off our fellow learners who are moving on to Discovery. Good luck to Eitan and Orie. We will miss you!

For our last Quest project, we chose to help the earth by spreading wild seeds in the woods. The learners shared what they hoped would grow by scattering the seeds. Here are some of their hopes: “finding a cure for the pandemic, spreading more love, more donuts, growing more trees.”

We ended our session with love. The learners share Valentine’s Day gifts and the created chocolates.

Session three was a success. We can’t wait to see you next session.

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