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Sparks: Session 3, Week 6

Dear Sparks families,

To wrap up the session, we have a special newsletter edition for you! We will dive into the Sparks schedule and what they have been doing at the Core time during the past few weeks.

Here is a glimpse of the schedule:

  • 08:45 - Snack time

  • 09:30 - Morning Launch

  • 09:45 - Core time

  • 10:45 - Reset and points

  • 11:00 - Playground time

  • 12:15 - Indoor playtime

  • 1:30 - Studio maintenance

  • 1:45 - Woods time

  • 03:00 - Closing group time

During the core time, the learners are split into three squads (ask your Falcon which squid they are in!):

  • Road to Discovery - The Falcons in this squad work with Chromebooks on Lexia and Khan Academy, in addition to reading and working with their handwriting workbooks.

  • Sparks Bubble - The Falcons in this group are splitting their time between math using Beast Academy workbooks or Montessori materials, Writing with their handwriting notebooks or with free writing in their notebooks, and reading with Discovery learners who help them practice their reading skills.

  • Sparks in Training - The Falcons in this group enjoy playing during the core time. Some of them showed interest in reading, and next session, they will work on sounding letters with the Journey learners.

Some Flacons made great progress this session during the core time, and we can’t wait to see how they will give on moving forward next session. Enjoy your break!

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