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Sparks: Session 4, Week 1

We started this new session with many new things: squads, squad leaders, responsibilities, and quests. What are they? Ask your learner, they got used to it so fast that it seems it’s been with us from the start! They adapt amazingly to changes in the studio and accept new things with open arms.

We celebrated Ariel’s six years of her life on planet earth. What made it extra special for Ariel was that her brother Ori and her sister Ophir could be there for it!

For the Montessori work cycle, the learners have been advancing with their work everyday. We have introduced new materials for the learners in the different learning areas: sensorial materials, grammar in the language area and also geometry in the math area.

The learners have been relying on each other with the introductions of the squads - ask your learner if they are a squad member or a squad leader? What is the color and shape of the team? And what are her/his responsibilities? The squad leaders were very responsible and even helped their squad members earn badges for this week.

During reading time, the discovery learners came to our studio to enjoy this reading time together. It was a wonderful experience for both studios and we can’t wait till the next time.

The exciting new thing for session 4 was QUEST. We have started with the human body quest, and the learners started exploring their body and its function by learning about cells and DNA.

Chag Purim Sameach to all the families that celebrate this festival!

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