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Sparks: Session 4, Week 2

The snow came to visit this week, and the Sparks Falcons took full advantage of it :)

On Monday morning, the learners had a morning launch about the importance of making mistakes. They watched this video and discussed how they feel when they make mistakes, how mistakes make them smarter, and what can help them next time they struggle. The learners chose to focus this week on the rule, "we make sure every living thing is safe".

On Wednesday, the learners enjoyed playing HangMan and practicing their new reading skills.

On Thursday, the learners drew their emotions and decided which feeling they wanted to draw for the new day. It was a great experience that combined reflection, intention, and mindfulness into one circle.

On Friday, the Falcons spent their morning launch in the woods writing or drawing their observations. Each Falcon got an observation notebook, and they will repeat this challenge every week, noticing the differences in nature as the spring starts to show.

During the Core time, the Falcons practiced working with their SMART goals. They are getting used to checking the SMART goals board before they start working and using timers to track their time. Falcons from Discovery and Journey join Sparks in Training for 20 minutes daily to practice their reading skills. All the learners are excited about this mutual activity, and we already see great progress!


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