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Sparks: Session 4, Week 3

This week was such a busy week for us! We are so excited to welcome Nolan to the team of guides. It has only been a week, and the learners have adapted so well with him and vice versa!

During the Montessori work cycle, the learners continue to advance with their work everyday. The learners are already learning with the noun and verb family and creating sentences based on that! Some of the learners who were just working on the static addition are suddenly doing dynamic (with exchange) addition and multiplication! The learners who were still working on understanding the sounds all of a sudden know the sounds and the teens and twenty numbers! It is like noticing a sudden growth spurt in these young humans! I wonder if these are the early signs of Spring?

Reading time for both the discovery and sparks learners has become something that they enjoy and look forward to. It’s not only the reading but also the time spend with each other.

This week during quest the learners have been exploring the musculo-skeletal system of the human body. Carson, Shahar and Sienna from the Discovery studio visited the Sparks to answer questions about the upcoming exhibition. Thank you for visiting us.

With the changes in the weather, the learners have been enjoying the outdoors so much by building a house with two bedrooms and a kitchen. They built their own monkey bars using crates and the logs. We had some chefs who brought us chocolate cake, fudge and even a healthy and well-rounded 5-course meal. :)

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