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Sparks: Session 4, Week 3

This week at the Sparks studio, the learners talked about holding themselves accountable. We watched this video and discussed taking responsibility for different daily scenarios.

On Tuesday, we had an exciting discussion about gossiping. The learners discussed why gossiping is could hurt others’ feelings and how they should handle it when it happens.

The Sparks hosted Michal for a morning launch on Wednesday about their unique gifts and talents. Each Falcon shared their special gift, and it was beautiful to see their eyes shine when they talked about their passions.

We ended our week with Fun Fact Friday: Siliane shared some fun facts about Asia (ask your Falcon if they remember!), and then the learners shared their fun facts.

For Quest, the learners were learning about Asia. They created paper fans, which they proudly used throughout the whole week. The learners have been working on their world map using clay.

This week for our Storytellers, we had Elina sharing her story and telling the Falcons about her culture. Those visits are the Sparks’ favorite!

The learners tried avocado rolls to experience the Asian culture and celebrate the end of the week.

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