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Sparks: Session 4, Week 3

It was an exciting week at the Sparks studio, with three new learners joining us.

The Sparks welcomed them with open arms and let them all feel at home!

Monday started with sparking the learners' imagination. The learners split into two groups and created different stories together. This week the Sparks chose to focus on rule #2: "We take care of what we use.

On Tuesday, The Sparks discussed recognizing that asking for help is another way to a growth mindset and developing brains. Many learners expressed that it is hard to ask for help, but they are willing to take on the challenge.

For our Wednesday Games, the learners had a tournament. They started with Statues and then moved to Ship Shore. The two winners battled in an intense game of Rock Paper Scissors.

The learners had a Tribe Checkin on Thursday and discussed the importance of telling the truth. They read the Boy who cried Wolf and analyzed why the village people lost their trust in Peter.

Our week ended up with a free Friday and three birthday celebrations. The learners started their day journaling in the woods and observing the nature around them.

The Focus in the studio had grown, and the learners had Toast, the Bad Ghost, which is half defeated, as their proof.

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