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Sparks: Session 4, Week 4

This week at the Sparks studio, we’ve continued the conversations about accountability. Last week we talked about holding ourselves accountable, and this week we’ve talked about holding each other accountable.

On Tuesday, the learners traveled to treasure island and discussed the beauty of symbiotic relationships. The learners' talked about ways they can support each other to create a harmonious tribe.

For Kind-Word-Wednesday around the world, Falcons learned words in French. They spent time reflecting on who are the people they would like to say hello to, how are you, I miss you, I love you, and goodbye to. The majority of the learners chose to speak about the people they loved.

For our Hero’s-journey discussion the learners listened to a read-aloud about facing challenges. They reflected on the different monsters they had already defeated, and then they created an imaginary potion of motivation for the next challenge they wanted to overcome.

For our fun fact Friday, the learners are always excited to share the facts that they have learned. Did you know that the tallest building in Europe is in Russia?

For quest, the learners were focused on the continent of Europe. They created renditions of Kandinsky’s abstract art and spent time adding Europe to their world map. The learners took the challenge to make leprechaun traps as they experienced the culture or st—Patrick’s day. The learners ended the week eating pizza to embrace the Italian culture.

With the weather warming up, we spend more and more time outside every day!

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