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Sparks: Session 4, Week 5

What a great start to Spring!

On Monday, the learners from all studios went around the school and into the woods to do Spring Cleaning. They picked up lots of trash and made it a fun activity. We then took a trip to High Exposure, which was a huge success. During morning launch, the learners had a discussion about setting boundaries and figuring out what is most important when doing so. For Treasure Island, the learners had a great discussion about being different and feeling small. They discussed how it feels to be left out and also how to include others when they feel left out.

On Tuesday, Ray told his story about getting through his fears. Many of the learners related to this story, especially after some of the challenges at High Exposure. For our Hero's Journey launch, the learners talked about the power of getting back up. They practiced different fighting moves: how to keep balance, jab and cross, block, and get back up. The learners finalized the final showdown phase of the hero's journey by sharing their wishes to their future selves.

For Quest this week, we worked on Africa and Australia. One of the activities was the African pinching pots. The learners really enjoyed making different designs in the teacups and bowls that they made. Another activity was the rain sticks that the aboriginals would make to call on rain. To experience Culture, the learners tried fairy bread, and it might have been the tribe's favorite treat!

Our storyteller this week was Shira. Many of the learners related to her story and enjoyed listening to her favorite things about her culture. Thank you, Shira, for coming in and sharing your story!

We ended the week at the playground, and the learners had a great time. As we are spending more time outside, please send in water bottles for the learners, especially on Fridays, when we go to the park.

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