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Sparks: Session 4, Week 4

It has been an exciting week for our Sparks tribe, filled with fun and learning.

On Monday, Sparks had a blast during their shared art activity. They worked together to create different face drawings, and the results were both impressive and hilarious. The Sparks really enjoyed how silly some of their drawings turned out to be, and the activity was a great opportunity for them to express themselves creatively while practicing teamwork.

On Tuesday, Sparks dove into the world of ClassDojo and watched a video on growth mindset. They reflected on the video and discussed different ways they can practice growth mindset and praise.

For our Wacky Wild Wednesday, Sparks sure got wild with a new game that tested their physical abilities and their memory called Suits and Crawlers. This game was a great way for the Sparks to exercise both their bodies and their minds, while having fun with their fellow tribe members.

On Thursday, our new Sparks Guide, Theo, shared his Hero's Journey with the tribe. The Sparks were completely drawn into Theo's book and story, and it was inspiring to see them engage with literature and learn from Theo's experiences.

Finally, on Friday, Sparks enjoyed their morning walk and wrote in their journals about what they saw. This activity was a great way for the Sparks to connect with nature, practice observation skills, and express their thoughts and feelings in a creative way.

We look forward to another exciting week ahead!

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