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Sparks: Session 4, Week 5

The highlight of the first week of Spring was that the learners are now able to go into the woods to explore outdoors and enjoy the weather! Such a delight - just being in nature! Along with it came the exploring of the worms, flowers, giving bouquets to each other!

So many ah-ha moments continue to be observed during the Montessori cycle this week! So many things are coming together for these young humans. Some things where the learners when we have seen them struggle and now they are learning to overcome themselves. It feels very rewarding to see these experiences.

For the Quest the learners continue to learn more about their bodies - the respiratory system - understanding the functions of the lungs and how hard the lungs need to work to blow the bubbles when there is less water and how easy it is to blow the bubbles when there is more water. And we also made a sample of the lungs. We also spoke about how it is important to celebrate failures because when we tried one quest: we failed in the experiment and that is so important in life.

On this Thursday and Friday, we introduced to the learners that being a learner driven community, to help the guides be accountable for not answering questions and the guides were on the side doing their work on the computer, and/or reading, respectively. How did that look in the Studio you may wonder? So some of the learners understood their responsibilities and chose to do their work to earn badges, while some of the learners had a difficult time being focused. But this was a great first step to hold the learners accountable to each other without the guides help.

Art of the week: the learners learned how to use something as simple as their hand to make dinosaurs out of them.

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