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Sparks: Session 4, Week 5

The Sparks jumped into the week with an exciting game of "And then...". This game encouraged the Sparks to let their imagination run and take turns creating a story. It was a great way to start the week and get the creative juices flowing.

On Tuesday, Siliane announced her departure. It was a sad moment for the Sparks however, the Sparks came together to share kind words, hugs, and high fives with her. The Sparks cared for each other and supported one another through this difficult moment.

For Wacky Wild Wednesday, the Sparks were tasked with creating a human pyramid. It was a challenging activity that required coordination and communication. The Sparks were able to work together and successfully create the pyramid, which was a great achievement.

Thursday morning was dedicated to fire safety, and the Sparks enjoyed a live-action launch on this topic. It was a great chance for them to learn about the importance of being prepared and staying safe in emergency situations.

On Reflection Fridays, the Sparks took a walk in the woods and wrote or drew about the things they saw. This activity encouraged them to observe their surroundings and appreciate nature. It was also an opportunity for them to reflect on their week and their experiences.

The session is coming to a close, with next week being our final week in the session. The Sparks have a lot to look forward to next week like: our field trip to High Exposure on Tuesday, and on Friday they will showcase all their work and achievements at the Sparks' Exhibition.

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