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Sparks: Session 4, Week 6

In Sparks Studio, we started the week by listening to a read-aloud called “Giraffe Asks for Hel.” After reading the book, the learners discussed the importance of asking for help.

After a whole session of discussing treasure Island, the learners finally drew their own treasure island to remember all they had addressed in this session.

This week, Emma’s father also came in to tell us about his culture and how he ended up in the United States. Thank you, Amir, for sharing your story with us.

For Kind-Word-Wednesday (around the World version), the learners from Israel taught the tribe kind words in Hebrew.

On Wednesday, we also had our exhibition! Again, Sparks learners had the chance to show their families what they had been working on this session and how much they learned about different continents!

On Thursday, the learners reflected upon their exhibition. They also discussed their squads from this session and spent time creating new squads for Session 5.

For Fun Fact Friday, the learners shared all kinds of fun facts. For example, did you know that the best place to see rainbows in Hawaii?!

Wishing you all a wonderful break. We’ll see you in Session 5!

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