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Sparks: Session 4 Week 6

For our last week of session 4, Sparks sprang into their Monday with Art. Sparks were challenged with an Art launch of drawing themselves now and drawing themselves when they are older. Sparks got really creative in their visions and expressions of self.

Tuesday, Sparks enjoyed their field trip at High Exposure! Sparks embraced all of their climbing challenges and had fun.

For our Wacky Wild Wednesday, Sparks had to maintain communication and comradery with their teams in order to keep their balloons in the air and win the game. Sparks found out it was a little harder than they originally thought, but they were able to stay focused and communicate in order to win the game.

For our Hero's Journey Thursday, Sparks read a story of an unlikely hero, titled: The Tale Of Gus The Garden Snail. Friday was our Sparks Exhibition. Congratulations to Vivienne and Mike for graduating from Sparks and moving up to Discovery! And a special goodbye to our favorite Sparks Guide; Siliane! We will miss you!


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