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Sparks: Session 5, Week 1

Welcome back to Session 5 in Sparks Studio!

This session, the learners have made it to "The Long Journey Home" on our hero's journey. To honor this, we reflected on the school year and how they have become new people. Then, we watched a clip from Toy Story 4 where Woody left the friends that he knew so that he could choose his new life. Many of the learners resonated with Woody, and they noted that they love the people they are becoming.

In team building, the learners practiced trust falls. They discussed how important it is to trust your tribe while going through a collective hero's journey.

"Admirable" was the selected word for this week's Kind Word Wednesday. The learners discussed how to recognize an admirable person, then discussed the different monsters they have been overcoming.

During our morning launches, the learners talked about what it means to be a leader. They gave examples of outstanding leaders in their lives and then discussed how they can become even better leaders.

This session's quest is E-Ship (i.e., entrepreneurship), and the learners are very excited!

Finally, we focused on "fast math" this week, and the learners played board battleship to learn their numbers.

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