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Sparks: Session 5, Week 4

On Monday, the learners opened the week by reflecting upon their weekends and giving each other motivational words to start the week.

On Tuesday, the learners created a story chain: each learner took turns adding something interesting to the story they made together.

On Wednesday, we discussed the word of the week: dazzle. We had a conversation where the learners identified when they are most dazzling and how they are all dazzlers.

For the morning launch on Thursday, we watched the ending scene of Moana, and then the learners discussed which hero they liked most. The learners explained how they felt connected to each hero in the movie.

The learners continued with Fitness Friday on Friday, trying to do more this week than last. The learners discussed how challenging it was; however, they felt inspired to keep improving and were very happy with the challenge.

For Hero Visits, we welcomed Dana (Ella's mom) this week, who shared with the learners about her journey through the desert and talked about Israel's independence day. The learners were very excited to then have their faces painted.

The learners took a trip next door to the Closter Library, where they engaged in an activity about bee pollination and learned about the metamorphosis of a butterfly.

For Quest, the learners have been working hard on their business fair posters and have created marketing flyers that they plan to give out to friends and family.

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