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Sparks: Session 5, Week 5

This week in Sparks studio, the learners kicked off the week by discussing different times in their lives when they felt loved.

On Tuesday, the learners played two fun games: "Kitty in the Corner" (where they practiced eye contact and communicating through body language) and "Strike a Pose" (where they marched around the studio and struck a unique pose). The learners enjoyed playing these team-building exercises.

On Wednesday, we discussed the word of the week: gracious. The learners then identified some of the most gracious acts they have done and experienced.

On Thursday, the learners started preparing for their upcoming Journey Meetings (with parents). They discussed which aspects of the tribe would be most important to mention in these discussions. We also visited West Maple Farm, where the learners fed the animals, went on a hayride, saw a bee colony, and spent time in the play area.

For Quest this week, the learners played “Show Me the Money,” a game in which they challenged the many ways they could create $10, $15, and $20. The learners have been working hard to create flyers, posters, and prices for their upcoming businesses.

Finally, this week we also had a fascinating Hero Visit from Matthias, one of our Discovery learner’s parents. Matthias shared his hero's journey as a photographer. The learners were able to practice taking pictures and to see some of the photographs he has taken around the world. Thank you, Matthias, for sharing your fantastic journey with the tribe!

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