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Sparks: Session 5, Week 6

Session 5 has come to an end with another great week in Sparks studio!

On Monday, the learners discussed morning routines and what helps them to have a successful day at school.

On Tuesday, the learners played the number game. The game's goal is to count from 1 to 10 without interruption. This game is one of their favorites and takes a lot of concentration and tuning in to others.

On Wednesday, we reviewed the word of the week: philanthropic. The learners had a fascinating discussion about what they would do if they had a lot of money.

Our learners summarized the week by saying how much they love Fitness Friday and emphasized the necessity for them to grow both physically and mentally.

For Quest, learners have been preparing for the Children's Business Fair. This week they had a mock store, where they had an opportunity to practice being owners, sellers, and customers. They practiced interviewing and hiring each other, and they even had bankers to give out money. We can’t wait to see how well the businesses do at the fair!

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