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Sparks: Session 6, Week 2

We hope this newsletter finds you well and filled with excitement for the second week of our final session together.

Art Monday was an inspiring day. We delved into the enchanting story of "The Lion And The Little Red Bird." Afterward, Sparks had a thoughtful discussion about what art means to each of them. They also discussed the question; "If we didn't have a paintbrush, what other things could we use to create art?"

“Take Off” Tuesday took us to new heights as the Sparks took on the challenge of building and designing their own kites for our upcoming kite flying competition! With a dash of imagination Sparks created beautiful and unique kites that are sure to amaze everyone when they take flight.

Wednesday was a day of nostalgia and reflection. The Sparks sifted through an assortment of photographs captured throughout the school year. Each tribe member carefully selected their favorite moments, capturing cherished memories of friendship, growth, and discovery. To preserve these memories, our young historians placed their favorite photos in time capsules, which we then buried together. We eagerly await the end of the session when we will unearth these capsules and relive the joyous times we've shared.

Thursday was a day for embracing our individuality and expressing ourselves through dance. The Sparks Tribe celebrated their personal hero's journey with a lively masquerade party. wearing masks, our young heroes let their creativity shine on the dance floor.

Finally, on Friday, our long-awaited Kite Flying competition took place. As the Sparks launched their kites, laughter, cheers, and a sense of friendly competition filled the air. It was a joyous culmination of our week's efforts and a testament to the remarkable talents of our tribe.

Wishing you another week filled with wonder and excitement!

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