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Sparks: Session 6, Week 3

The Growth mindset conversations this week were focused on perseverance and respect. We talked about VIM and what it means to persevere. Ask your learner about what perseverance means and the different ways of how they changed their mindset in the studio and if it was helpful or not.

Montessori moments of the week:

Niko is reading by sounding out words and blending them! Emma is working on the moveable alphabet with inventive spelling. Kalina is working on the singular and plural nouns. Ilai is working on separating the masculine and feminine nouns. Ilai, Cora. Zoey, Yahli, and Kalina are understanding the concept of multiplication by using the Multiplication bead board. They understand that there are different ways of multiplying - vertically and horizontally. Ariel is working on the cursive sandpaper letters (the sounds of her name in this case) and the colored sand tray to practice using the stylus before writing it down on paper. Gaya and Zoey are working on paper plate animals and paper plate masks - both art projects for this week . This is a snapshot of a busy morning in the studio. All the different learners are so focused on their work that they are oblivious to what is happening around them.

For Water Quest, we explored the states of matter that are there in nature, understanding how the different forms of them change over a certain period of time.


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