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Sparks: Session 6, Week 3

We hope this newsletter finds you buzzing with excitement as we take a look back at an incredible week filled with imagination, learning, and triumphs.

To kick off the week, we had an extraordinary Monday art launch. Our talented Sparks were challenged to create a bear using playdough. First, they let their imaginations run wild, crafting unique bears from their own creativity. Later, they took on the challenge of following directions and steps to create another bear, exploring the joys of both imagination and instruction.

On "take-off" Tuesday, we soared to new heights as we learned about the legendary aviator, Amelia Earhart. The Sparks were captivated by a fascinating video showcasing Earhart's achievements. They then experienced firsthand how high they could fly with a jump-measuring activity.

Reflections Wednesday offered a powerful opportunity for self-expression and growth. The Sparks were encouraged to confront their fears by writing or drawing them on paper. They then folded their paper of fears into paper boats and released them into a stream. Watching their fears float away, the Sparks found solace and courage in letting go of their fears.

Thursday was a day of fierce competition as we held the Acton Olympics! Acton Academy Bergen County proudly claimed the top spot, emerging as the champions and bringing home the Acton Olympic Trophy. Congratulations to all our Sparks' winners for their incredible teamwork and outstanding performances.

We wrapped up the week with Fitness Friday, focusing on the importance of running and staying active. The Sparks embraced the thrill of running and also had a second attempt at flying their kites. Their determination and perseverance were truly commendable.

As we reflect on this week's adventures, let's celebrate the creativity, resilience, and camaraderie that make the Sparks Tribe truly exceptional. Wishing you all a fantastic weekend ahead!

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