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Spraks: Session 3, Week 4

This week in the Sparks studio, many learners got badges after working hard and focusing on accomplishing their goals. It’s lovely seeing the learners finding such joy in their learning during Sparks Core.

In Mindset Monday, the learners meditated and practiced different breathing exercises.

On Team Building Tuesdays, we are going through the series of Astro Nova Schools Conundrums. This week, the learners debated which of the four people should name a new fox species: the hiker, the ranger, the tracker, or the farmer.

For Kind Word Wednesday, we talked about the word Dignified; The main question we discussed was what makes someone dignified: keeping people’s secrets, being mindful of when to be serious, or only saying kind words to and about people.

On Hero’s Journey Thursday, we continued discussing the importance of friends, allies, and helpers along our journey.

During Quest, the learners began the process of germinating seeds.

Fun Fact Friday

, did you know that a hippo’s lips are 2 feet long?

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