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Discovery: Session 1, Week 4

We are finally getting into the groove of AABC, and learners are getting into the rhythm of how Discovery studio works. The Falcons start to feel more . Comfortable with each other and are easily come to their peers for help and inspiration to work harder.

This week learners were introduced to “Conflict Resolution.” During morning launch, we read the process together and then discussed the different steps. We asked the Falcons to share conflicts they had in the past and how did they solve them. We also discussed the most challenging aspect of conflict resolutions for them and how they feel this process helps. Conflict resolution is one of the most essential tools the learners have in the studio, and we would like the Falcons to use it as often as possible.

For Writers Workshop, the learners went to the woods and found a plant, insect, or animal that they wanted to research. Plants that they have walked by hundreds of times now have a name; Insects that were once gross and annoying now played a vital role in the woods’ ecosystem. Research has given the learners a new perspective as they walk into the woods and realize all the life they are among.

For Art from Nature, the Falcons created color palates and went to the woods to try and find items as identical as possible to the colors in their palate. It allowed the learners to observe the different things in the woods more closely.

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