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Discovery: Session 1, Week 4

For Discovery, this week was filled with launches that put our community covenants into deeper perspectives. We started the week off with a launch on conflict resolution, and throughout the week we continued to engage in insightful discussions like conundrums, being the bigger person, character callouts, and a segment of our question of the year, “When does a Hero choose to follow?”

During art, the learners initiated the week with an inspiring launch about making landscapes using vanishing points! This was a new and interesting concept for the learners, where they focused on making landscapes using “starting” points while choosing a medium of creation. We ended the week exhibiting our work and reflecting on the goals that we set!

For Civ, the learners continued their discussion on the famous king of Mali, Mansa Musa’s empire, and what it means to be a leader. One interesting question that the learners enjoyed discussing was, “

At the end of last week, the learners voted on doing Khan for Core Skills every Wednesday! The learners began this challenge this week as they continued to set daily and weekly SMART goals.

Writer’s Workshop was voted most fun this week! In addition, they were also introduced to new strategies for their Hero’s Essay, which included “hooks” and “conclusions” to add to their drafts.

Throughout the week, our Quest challenges included making fire (small groups at a time), learning to tie knots, and learning to filter water! We discussed some important topics about water and how we should utilize it in our daily lives. We also discussed what we can do to make it more accessible to people in need. “Should water be free or should we pay for it?”

On Friday, the learners had their first Hero’s Visit! Steve, one of our Sparks parents came in for a visit and had an astounding discussion about his Hero’s Journey and survival skills. The learners were eager to ask questions and learn as much as they could from their experience!

Most importantly, Friday afternoon we signed our studio contract. The learners had a sincere ceremony, small groups, at a time, revisiting the promises that they chose to uphold for the rest of the year. These promises are the pillars of the tribe and community of which they are a part. Go Discovery Falcons!

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