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Discovery: Session 2, Week 1

This week we had WW, Quest, Talent show, New CIV, and a Halloween party will say three of them, we also have a new newsletter every week.

Let’s start with the Halloween party at the beginning. Everyone showed their costume, then we had options of what to do we could do. These include making a story, we could paint and decorate pumpkins. We could also do carnival games along with fruit carving which we could put fruit together with toothpicks. Along with that, we could make a house with popsicle sticks and the last one was core skills. A lot of people went to carnival games where there was karaoke and many other learners went to pumpkin decoration.

About WW, we first had to find a cover and a bunch of other pictures and for our image, we made it on an app called story bird. Some of us finished and did the research paper. We had to read a picture story while making sure we did not pick something easy. The learners also had to read for ten minutes and then write down all the answers on the form, everyone worked very hard.

The new CIV is about Christopher Columbus and we have to make a play 4 to 6 minutes long. Then, we share it with Discovery, and all vote on the best Christopher Columbus play. If you get the best play, you can share it in the talent show, which is a very important and a big honor! Some people worked very hard, and some people did what they were supposed to do.

Written by: a Discovery learner

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