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Discovery: Session 2, Week 2

This week the learners had a talent show, Art, WW, Quest, CIV/DEAR, and a field trip to the Statue of Liberty. For the Statue of liberty field trip, Discovery went on a ferry to museums. They watched videos about the Statue of Liberty's history as well as went up to the pedestal on the actual Statue (215 steps!). In addition, we explored the Ellis Island Museum and its history of immigration. Discovery had so much fun, the statue was beautiful, and we really liked the beauty of it.

For Art, the learners had the choice to make their own towns. Many Discovery learners made miniature houses while the rest wanted to use clay or draw, but sadly because the tribe did not take care of the clay, we lost permission for this week. But off that topic, here are examples of what they made: a horror house and with it a fun house/funny house, and once again the AABC farm which is a huge miniature house farm with barns and all a farm can have. We also had the choice to do CIV or DEAR, which stands for Drop Everything and Read.

While doing CIV this week, the starting launch was a challenge of performing a play with only 5 minutes to make it. The learners had to create it with props, music, and obviously learning the lines. For the remainder of CIV, we had to make scene #1 of Christopher Columbus which was about bandits trying to steal from innocent people trying to get spices from India.

Written by: a Discovery learner

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