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Discovery: Session 2, Week 3

This week during Quest, Discovery had to make a family tree containing their grandparents or great-grandparents. For art, Learners continued making their own imaginary houses/panting/drawings. One of the art projects has a working fan in a miniature house! In WW, many people started writing their own stories and finding pictures that went with them. For one of the morning launches, we had a conundrum. This is a video in which you are given a scenario with multiple ways to solve a problem, and you have to pick a side. This week the conundrum had to do with what kind of leader would be best to take us to mars. A leader who is creative, experienced, or charming.

During outdoor Freetime, learners lost permission to play a game (for a day) because Discovery forgot to bring in the cones after they were done. During CIV. Learners had to do act #2, which was the history of Christopher Columbus. Learners found very creative ways of how Columbus convinced the Queen of Spain to provide him with ships and men to sail to India.

This week the Learners also practiced the talent show. Discovery has many dances this year, with songs like Jingle Bell Rock to Sunroof. If you want to know more about this week, ask your child!

Written by: a Discovery learner

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