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Discovery: Session 2, Week 4

During this short, three-day week, Discovery started their week with a new edition of Quest where they received an entry ticket to a Jeopardy Game. In order to get in, the learners must complete a series of immigration and US History challenges like a Kahoot, a family tree, and memorizing facts about the U.S.A. In addition, we submit an application and play and the top scorers get a grand prize at the end!

For WW, we had a special challenge this week of writing a letter to people in our lives whom we are thankful for. These can include your friends, family, or relative. Some thoughtful things you could say are, “You help me in school, you play with me during free time, and you trust me.” if you wrote for your relatives, some common statements could be, “You make my food, you take care of me, and do many uncountable things for me.”

For art, the Falcons took their imagination to create a story out of a picture. Many learners worked on stories with miniature homes, while other learners made drawings that told their stories. Some examples are farms, tall houses with many floors, and a “haunted house” story, where a person walks into a home that perishes their fears!

Discovery practiced for their talent show adding touches to their dances and getting feedback from the tribe on their progress. To end the week, the learners had a fun-filled Thanksgiving party with many activities. These included, Pin the Turkey, karaoke, gratitude journaling, art activities for everyone, and for the grand finale, the Falcons had a giant feast as a big family!

Written by: a Discovery learner

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