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Discovery: Session 4, Week 1

Session 4 has begun and for P.E. the learners kickstarted the week enjoying games of kickball, capture the flag, soccer, frisbee, and track. Most of Discovery enjoyed playing capture the flag while some played kickball, and the rest did Frisbee and track. The learners have a choice of what type of physical activities they want to participate in. Generally, Discovery enjoys playing in groups. If the weather doesn’t permit, the learners enjoy indoor physical activities like zumba, meditation/yoga, and fitness training.

For Writer’s Workshop, the learners will be creating podcasts! They have a choice of making an interview or a debate podcast. In the debate podcast, you choose two topics and each person has to debate one topic against the other. For the interview podcast, you have to interview a fictional character or a real person. In addition, Discovery has a chance of winning a contest where they can enter their podcast and the best one can win a prize!

For Quest this session, the Falcons started game design by exploring games of “luck”. As their first challenge, making a spinner wheel with a custom gameboard to go along with it. How exciting! The learners got a chance to play demo games and discuss how they would improve or make a game more exciting. Next week, the learners will begin creating virtual games by coding and exploring games of “skill.”

Written by a Discovery learner

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